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a frog the size of texas

September 10th, 2007

07:52 pm

Today, our next-to-last-day in Japan, we started the day off by doing laundry yet again. Someone commented a bit ago that we seemed to be doing an awful lot of laundry, so I'll point out the weather again - temperatures in the 90s so it's hotter than hell and twice as humid. You can get away with wearing clothes more than once in cooler weather. Not so at this time. I've got enough shirts & pants for 4 outfits - thought I had 5, but in a mad fit of repacking managed to take out my other pair of capris and not replace them - so laundry every 4th day is called for.
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07:55 pm - Announcement!

Oh, yeah, there's something about ... what was it? ... Project Blue Rose II.

08:22 pm

rachelmanija's just posted her version of the moss temple visit and the mysterious kitsune shrine.
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