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a frog the size of texas

September 17th, 2007

09:08 am - Oh yeah...

So, while I was in Japan, my project of posting Diary of a Nursing Sister on the Western Front, a WWI diary written by a nurse, day-by-day started. It's over at http://diary.magatsu.net/

It's syndicated on LJ at nursingsister, if you'd rather follow it over here. I *just* created that, though, so past entries probably won't show up for a few hours.

04:06 pm

rachelmanija points out that it's the yuletide challenge time again, wonders what to nominate for fandoms, and points out that Project Blue Rose nominations would totally not be offensive.

(Someone nominate Qwan! And Mushishi!)

(ETA: She also needs a spot of Japanese translation help.)
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05:08 pm

farli points out that there is a new Secret-Santa-type (non-HP) fanart exchange much like yuletide, called yuletart. I've just joined the community. You artists do so, too. :)

10:46 pm - Grimmjow Jaggerjack's Donut

...If you're not on my f-list, I can't really explain why this came up tonight, except to say that you'll know in a month or so, and that it's nothing to be waiting on tenterhooks about. But at any rate, I was complaining to rachelmanija that I couldn't draw Grimmjow from Bleach as a really threatening guy, because in my mind he's this fifteen-year-old combat-happy boy who'd be perfectly safe to leave with your fourteen-year-old sister if you ahd a highspeed net connection and a subscription to World of Warcraft, because he's such a dork he wouldn't even notice her.

Rachel, naturally, pointed out that she was of no help whatsoever as she hasn't read that far in the manga yet (or seen that far in the anime), and the only association Grimmjow has with her is with Mister Donut, this chain of addictive doughnut makers.

It all has to do with the trip to Japan. We both started collecting these figurines in the series called Bleach: The Styling, which features five characters in school uniforms, and Grimmjow in his hakama and short jacket (Is it almost a bolero?).

Rachel is also addicted to Mister Donut, and when she discovered a machine that would give you a Mister Donut phone charm, she immediately dropped 100 yen on it to get herself a tiny plastic doughnut. In our room in Kyoto, we set up little dioramas of our figurines, and she decided that one of them needed to be holding the doughnut. And, naturally, the only one that was able to hold the doughnut was my Grimmjow (Rachel hadn't bought hers at this point).

Naturally, it all followed from thereCollapse )
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