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a frog the size of texas

September 23rd, 2007

10:40 am - More Japan photos!

I've got two more sets up - the Summer Festival and Meiji Shrine in Harajuku*, and the temple we stayed at in Koyasan. I'm working on more Koyasan photos right now.

ETA; Oh, I suppose you want the URL or something, huh? http://www.magatsu.net/gallery/v/Japan2007/

* Sorry no funky cosplay shots - the Summer Festival had pretty much overwhelmed them. :D

11:47 am

And even more Japan photos - just uploaded photos from the Okunoin cemetery in Koyasan: http://www.magatsu.net/gallery/v/Japan2007/

12:59 pm

Next album up - the non-residential temples at Koyasan. http://www.magatsu.net/gallery/v/Japan2007/

After this, my camera started screwing up, so there should be far fewer pictures from here on out. :D

01:34 pm

One more album before I give up for the day - this is the set of photos from Magome, before my camera crashed and burned.


I'll get around to the Kyoto ones later, but I've spent too long adjusting photo sizes now and need to do something - anything! - else for a while.

05:38 pm


So guys: give me prompts (*ignores unfinished fanart meme from last month*). At the moment I'm sadly interested only in a very small list of fandoms for drawing: Bleach, Mushishi (possibly), and Bleach. Er, yeah. (I might try Tactics, as I've just read the first two books of it and it's fresh in my mind.)

Anyway, prompts in the form that springkink uses seem to be very helpful:

character(s) / [optional: kink]* / prompt**

* We'll use this to mean narrative kink, or maybe the theme of the picture (example: flirting, absence, angst, restraint, romance, etc.). Unless you really do want to ask for one of the kinks on the enormous list o'kinks. The, er, less specific ones tend to leave a bit more room for interpretation. XD The prompt is usually a word or phrase, or a hint of a story.

And there's always the kinkfic, coolbits, or art prompts generators to try.

Now, not guaranteeing anything, but I'm all about building up a big list o'prompts for myself.
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07:43 pm

This post can be for post-Soul Society arc prompts (i.e., spoilery to half my friendslist).

For context, see this post asking for Bleach and other fanart prompts. :)
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09:56 pm

Instead of doing art, I just spent the evening burning DVDs and deleting files from my hard drive in preparation for a huge defrag. :) It's been longer than I can remember since I defragged my hard drive, and it desperately needs it. But at least I've now got almost half my hard drive empty.

While that was going on, I wandered through DeviantArt looking for deviants who posted stock photos and allowed any use, just to have a source of things to go to. What I did *not* do was check them for quality, so there may be some really awful stuff in these links. Just warnin' ya. Anyway, for those of you who use photos for pose reference, here's the list of who I've got so far:

Cut for listCollapse )

10:04 pm - I don't go *seeking* this stuff, it just finds me, I swear!

Via kurosaki_clinic: The Dancing Gin. I can't tell whether this is more or less traumatizing than the Ichimaru Eggplant I linked a few days back.

I'm going to have to play with that site. It looks very bizarre.
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