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a frog the size of texas

October 2nd, 2007

09:40 am - Presumably Evil Overlords subscribe to this...

I'm editing electronic journal subscriptions right now, and have just run across the International Journal of Control. I don't think I'll bother looking up what it's about, because it can't be anywhere near as good as my imagination.

11:27 am - Yay!

We've managed to complete the challenge and completely fund the three project proposals involving manga on DonorsChoose.org!

Dancing Cybermen for everyone!

If you hadn't donated yet, there are many other projects needing funding on the site, from literacy to science to history, in special education, in adult education, and so on. You can find a project close to your interests - or, since you can search by state, close to your home - and let SixApart's money do some good. :)

12:19 pm

If you're undecided about where to give your DonorsChoose gift certificate, or happen to feel altruistic and have a couple of extra bucks to sling somewhere, there are two people on my f-list with ideas. :) janni found a project to train peer mediators as an anti-bullying measure, and celticdragonfly has a challenge up to fund projects for autistic children in some Texas schools.

01:24 pm - Interesting

So, I got the brilliant idea, to see if I could find out anything more about the mysterious shrine Rachel and I found, to contact the author of the book The Fox and the Jewel, because she would probably be the person to have some sort of idea, and I figured an email from someone interested in the subject wouldn't be seen as weird. :)

I figure she's probably a professor somewhere and start looking. I'm right. Except that she vanishes off the face of the planet about 2001/2002. Up until then she was a professor at Wesleyan University in Connecticut, and had published a handful of articles. After that ... nothing. The Library of Congress authority records have her birth date but not a death date. They're usually fairly good at getting them, but in this case ... maybe not. I can't find any trace of her after that time, so no clue what's happened to her.

Searching was annoying, just because she shares a name with a fairly prominent triathlete, so I had to sift those hits out. XD Anyway, it looks like I may be fated never to know anything more about the shrine, unless I manage to find some other professor specializing in Japanese religion whose language I speak. :)

Anyone interested in picking up the gauntlet: name Karen (Ann) Smyers, born 1954. (Not the athlete, who was born in 1961.)

11:28 pm

You guys should go see what benchilada did with the picture of the shirt walking the cat.
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