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a frog the size of texas

October 4th, 2007

12:05 pm

For those of you on my f-list who watch Top Chef - which I didn't watch last night and my TiVo has it waiting for me, so don't start discussing the winners here yet :D - the Dallas Food Blog, which has been posting a series of reviews on how upscale restaurants in town deal with vegetarians, just reviewed the one Tre works at.

08:46 pm

Those of you with TiVos or other DVRs will probably understand.

I'd carefully managed to avoid all spoilers about the finale of Top Chef today. Once I got home from work, I settled in to watch it. But thanks to:

(a) Bravo scheduling it to run twice in a row
(b) my TiVo getting Mythbusters first, so picking up the second showing of Top Chef and
(c) my Tivo's clock being just a hair off Bravo's clock,

I managed to hit "Play" on the Tivo, whereupon the recording started at exactly the moment Padma said "Congratulations, [chef]! You're the Top Chef!" on the first showing

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