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a frog the size of texas

October 7th, 2007

12:13 am

Death Note/Hunter x Hunter crossover. XD

Note: the mangaka for HxH has even more wacky naming practices than the one for DN. You will want to read the comments to see exactly how wacky.

03:09 pm

Manga analysis - Matt Thorn explains why a page drawn by Paul Pope didn't work as manga here.

ETA: Check the comments for the rest of the commentary by Thorn.

04:24 pm

Presentation went well, I think. The attendees were of the "Help, my patrons are asking for this stuff and I don't know what it is!" type, so they were eager to learn. I mentioned - without naming names - the cataloger who wrote an article a year or so back who, when she described the elements of manga, got them all exactly wrong - and after the presentation a cataloger came up to me and asked if I'd be willing to co-write an article on cataloging manga. I said yes, of course because my resume needs padding.

I realized, too late because my brain was dead, that I didn't make it clear that the reason I needed spectacular photos of costume either *photographed* by you or *of* you was because I was thinking about putting the powerpoint presentation up on the web afterwards, and in that case I couldn't grab random photos off Deviantart or cosplay.com because the photographer and/or cosplayer might run across them and get legitimately angry that I hadn't asked permission, and I didn't have time to do so. But the powerpoint presentation ended up imparting no extra information to the talk, and meaning nothing without the talk, so it's not going up.

And then the traffic jam from hell afterwards. And then a friend of mine came and picked me up from home - no way was I getting behind the wheel of a car again - and we went to dinner and talked about travel, me going on about Japan and her going on about the trip to Peru she and her husband are going on in November.

And this morning the migraine from hell - the kind where I get nauseated, and the sip of Coke Zero I took to wash down the meds was violently rejected by my body (although, strangely and luckily, no the pill), and I went back to sleep until, basically, 1PM. Still suffering migraine hangover.

Have poked through the yuletide pages and made notes for offering/requesting, but am not going to make those choices while under migraine hangover, so will delay that until later.

04:39 pm

I failed to post the scariest moment of the traffic jam.

My car was surrounded on three sides by 18-wheelers. Doofus driving the 18-wheeler in front of me let his truck roll backwards ... and backwards ... and backwards ... I laid on my horn, and the driver on the 18-wheeler behind me laid on *his* horn, and the doofus finally woke up and applied the brakes when he was 6" or so from my bumper. NOT FUN.

And yes, I was leaving a good amount of space between us. I can't imagine why he thought that letting his truck roll backwards that far in a traffic jam was a good idea.


Just checked the online Papa John's menu and noted that the Unlimited Topping Special is limited to five toppings.

07:36 pm - Hmmm.

So I'm watching "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" because there's absolutely nothing else on TV, and they're "renovating"* a house for a family with a child with cancer. The family had purchased the house as a fixer-upper, but then had to spend the money on medical bills.

...And as the show rebuilds the house and gives them a Disney resort vacation and keeps giving them more and more stuff, the cynical part of me wondering how long it's going to be before the family declares bankruptcy because they can't afford the medical bills and the taxes on this. Somehow I don't think that applying for this show was the best financial decision they ever made.

* Rebuilding. Not renovating. They took it down to the foundations and are starting over.

ETA: Ah-ha-ha: Disney giving winners dubious tax advice. And more articles.

11:10 pm

Any speculation as to why the couple who live above me do one load of laundry *every* *single* *night* at about 11:30? If it weren't that I've never seen either one of them wearing a uniform or a company shirt or something (not that I see them much anyway, since our schedules are slightly different), I'd think that they worked at jobs that required uniforms, yet inexplicably only owned one each. There's no baby up there, either, otherwise cloth diapers might be another possibility.

It doesn't bother me, because it serves as white noise, but I hear it every night during the week. Not sure about the weekends, as I hear it mostly in my bedroom, and on the weekends I go to bed later.
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