October 8th, 2007

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What the Fugly Knitting takes on runway fashion. (OK, yeah, we know that runway fashion is not meant to appear on the streets, but is basically attention-getting advertising for the designer, but still...)

P.S. The previous entry in that blog - link at the top under the banner - is scary very WTF?! but is probably NSFW unless you work at home. :)
Near - que?


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Does anyone here happen to know of any books about the An Lu-shan/An Shi Rebellion of 755-763 AD that destabilized the Tang dynasty? I've got my hands on the book cited in the Wikipedia article about it (E. G. Pulleyblank, The Background of the Rebellion of An Lu-Shan, London: Oxford University Press (1955)), but it actually stops three years before the rebellion itself, with the author's hopes that a second volume would be published. Er.

Or, if not books about the rebellion itself, books that contain a chapter or so on it?