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a frog the size of texas

October 9th, 2007

08:07 am

Apparently I've been more affected than I thought over the kerfuffle about renaming The Dark is Rising to The Seeker (because, basically, nothing of the book remained in the movie). Last night I dreamed I was a screenwriter on the set of a live-action version of The Black Cauldron and I walked off the set because they kept mispronouncing "Fflewder Fflam" (in Welsh "ff" is a soft, aspirated "f" while "f" is hard, more like "v") like the Disney movie did. I told them it was symptomatic of the lack of respect they held to the original story. And then I obtained the film rights to some YA fantasy that my brain couldn't decide if it was named "The Iron Butterfly" or "The Steel Butterfly" although it was sure that the butterfly in question did transform from iron to steel over the course of the story. Don't remember much else about it - there was some sort of wicked witch in it, and horseback chases over fields, and someone jumping off a giant spool of rope.

10:01 am - Linkblogging

For Women's History Month, troubleinchina tells us about Kate Wright, sister to Orville and Wilbur, and her influence on the development of the airplane.

06:00 pm

See this is why you guys need to harass me!

20 min., 3.5 mi (est.)* Total: 526.3 From Rivendell: 63.5 mi. Have left the streambed. *waves hello to janni*

* Still haven't bothered to order the replacement meter thingy for the bike.

09:55 pm - It's Telophase's Taken Out of Context Theatre!

Although it's just as wrong in context! From Bleach ep 139.

I can assure you this doesn't appear in the manga.Collapse )
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