October 10th, 2007

Koumyou - hee


Well, okay, so *I* found it funny.

I'm reading a book about a Chinese house in the village of Huang Cun and the family that owned it, and their lives. I just ran across a paragraph talking about the wife-to-be of one of the family's sons:
Hong Zhaodi was the eldest of eleven children in the Hong family from the village of Xiazhuang (Rainbow Village),a mere five li (1.2 miles) from Huang Cun. Her given name, a common one for girls, reflects the age-old desire in China for male children, who instead of marrying out of the family like girls, and being only a financial drain, remain home to care for their parents and ancestors and carry on the family line. Zhaodi mean, literally, "Beckoning Little Brother." Her parents would have given her the name in hopes that her birth was a portent that the next child would be a son. Surely to their dismay, the next pregnancy produced yet another daughter. They named her Zhuandi, "Next Turn Little Brother." This second girl was followed by Jiudi, "Definitely [the Next Will Be a] Younger Brother," who did indeed portend the arrival of a son.
Cats - Sora and Nefer


I just found out why foxes were throwing roof tiles off of Chinese houses all the time - the roof tiles were held onto the roof only by their weight, and weren't fixed with anything.

The wonder is why they needed a supernatural explanation for that.