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a frog the size of texas

October 11th, 2007

08:23 am

rachelmanija reviews volumes 1-5 of Samurai Deeper Kyo. And much according to my predictions, once she made it past the dire first few volumes, she got hooked.

A few excerpts from octopedingenue's squeeful comments:
I love SDK with a pure shonen love because it makes me giggle like a mad thing, and it is so pure in its gleeful shonen abandon of testosterone and speedlines and manly sprouting hair.

I love Kyo because he has the best "I'm going to break things and it will be AWESOME" grin, and because he spells his name with the kanji for badass motherfucker.

There is no logging industry. Just a list of trees that Demon Eyes Kyo has allowed to live.

08:57 am

Teacher Horror Stories over on otf_wank in this comment thread. I added mine at the end, which is also under this cut.

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10:37 am

People seem to be surprised when they find out that I don't actually read any webcomics on a daily basis. The reason for this is that most of my f-list and off-LJ friends post or forward any webcomic they think is funny at the drop of a hat, so I end up seeing them eventually. That being said, I'm surprised none of you database monkeys has reposted this xkcd:

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09:37 pm - Music recs?

I'm trying to build a playlist to use as background music to help shut out distractions. However, as I'm also using it to evoke mood, I need specific sorts of music, and I'm not sure I'm going to be able to really explain it, because the perception of music is so subjective.

I need stuff that that's evocative, that's reminiscent of fairy tales and fantasy, but without a strong Celtic component. East Asian and Southeast Asian elements would be nice, but I don't want pure bamboo flute or biwa, or anything like that. Some Dead Can Dance stuff works for me, as does Loreena McKennitt's less Celtic stuff. The Mushishi soundtrack would be totally awesome except that it's my work playlist for those times when I need to block things out but concentrate on mindless repetitive stuff. If there are lyrics ... well, I'd rather not be distracted from what I'm doing and clear, understandable lyrics have a tendency to do that because the images they put in my head supplant the images I'm cultivating in my head, if that makes sense. :)

Plus, it would be easiest if they're available on iTunes or I could 'obtain' them somehow.
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