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a frog the size of texas

October 12th, 2007

08:21 am

Thank you to all the people who suggested music overnight - I will check it out this evening at home, since I shouldn't be downloading here at work. :D

Had a dream last night involving chomiji... Cut because *I* usually don't bother to read accounts of dreams, so why should you?Collapse )

08:35 am

meganbmoore reads Eragon fanfic so you don't have to because it may be better than the original...

09:35 am

I am probably going to totally spam your f-lists today. It's that sort of day.

New blog: Renovation Voyeur. For people who like looking at before-and-after pictures of renovations.

10:51 am - More spamming!

Lost in Translation, the service that takes text and runs it through several languages in an automated game of Telephone.

"This library never closes," which is from a bookmark advertising our website, becomes after several iterations, "They do not arrest this shelf for books in a certain situation."

"Salt-the only rock we eat-has made a glittering, often surprising contribution to the history of humankind" becomes "It knows us that the cliff had given the form him, the end to only eat tonhoehenschwankung, frequently narcotic the contribution to the history of the humanity."


Every time I decide I want to no longer read Language Log, the linguistics blog, because it's slightly too academic for my casual reading tastes, they post something like this or this. And I may have to create a .sigfile for some account merely to be able to use "The English aren't people who strive for greatness, they're driven to it by a flaming irritation," quoted in that first link.

01:19 pm - *dies laughing*

OK ... there are some of you around here who remember the Steal-OK account on Deviantart that a couple of us made as a joke response to people taking artwork and posting it as their own.

None of us had logged in for a long time. I did, just a minute ago, and discovered this message from DeviantArt admin: Read more...Collapse )

02:45 pm

I shall post this one un-f-locked, to allow everyone in on the fun. This grew out of a little bout of snark over a nimrod on DA getting pissy because nobody wanted to do his homework for him.

First I got irritated, then I got silly. (Yes, Steal-OK is me at the moment: see previous LJ entry.)

03:10 pm

Video made by putting together snapshots taken over 35 years chronicling the encroachment of high-rise buildings in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

05:56 pm - aaargh!

Is anyone else having the problem of Firefox logging you out of LJ each and every damn time you close it down? It's doing it to Journalfen and InsaneJournal also. I'm on Firefox, and have done some websearching and searching of the Firefox support forums to no avail.

Basically, it's completely ignoring the cookies that LJ, JF, and IJ set, which annoys the hell out of me because it means my hard drive is littered with cookies from these three sites for every single damn day I have to do this.

06:52 pm

20 min. 3.5 mi. Total: 533.1 From Rivendell: 70.5 mi. Top of a rise, angling southeast.

07:49 pm - Steal-OK! deviation

For those of you who read my earlier *dies laughing* post about the Steal-OK DA joke account getting a deviation removed for copyright violation, here is the offending artwork, as created by the lovely and talented matildarose:

SephARRRoth!Collapse )
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