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a frog the size of texas

October 19th, 2007

08:49 am - A quick note...

...before I go to the ref desk. When looking through the pages that deign to load from Strapya.com for Hello Kitties, I ran across this one...

Edo! Edo!Collapse )

10:24 am - Oh, wow, I suck.

How many Asian countries can I name in 10 minutes?Collapse )

02:45 pm - *Your* writing process?

Now that Yuletide assignments are out and it's time to get down to the nitty-gritty of starting the story, I want to hear about other people's writing processes. Because (a) I love reading about writing and (b) nothing gets *me* inspired like reading other people writing about writing. :D I hit the bookstore at lunch today, but there was nothing on the writing shelves that I hadn't read other than stuff with cruddy writing exercises ("Describe your favorite memory!" "Describe a brilliant sunset!") and stuff that talks about writing in way too fluffy and inspirational tones.

So: what do you do when you sit down to write? It could be poetry, fiction, nonfiction, fanfic, from a prompt or not. Whatever floats your boat.

And don't worry about being long: I'm at the ref desk on Saturday and will have nothing to do but sit there and read your comments. :)

03:01 pm

And because I forgot to post it in the last post and GOD FORBID I merely edit it to add, this is my prize from the bookstore today:

Heavy Words Lightly thrown: The Reason Behind the Rhyme, about the history and stories behind some nursery rhymes.

The Amazon reviews tend to the positive, and as per usual, the negative ones tend to be the funniest. A two-star review reads, in part:
...The irony of it all is that the only interesting parts throughout the entire book involved sex and the hidden innuendos behind them...This book is unbelievably boring and a waste of time.... Your best bet is to research the nursery rhymes yourself and learn at your leisure as opposed to reading about one man's views. Make your own opinions and interpretations about your favorite novels. The author didn't even mention a sexual reference when analyzing the poem "Ride a Cock Horse to Banbury Cross." How can you miss anything like that?!?!
I merely note, when looking at the entry for "Ride a Cock Horse to Banbury Cross," the sentence "There is no double entendre in 'ride a cock horse,' so please remove that image from your mind right away."

06:29 pm

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