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a frog the size of texas

October 24th, 2007

09:14 am

I'm not entirely sure why I have a Facebook site in the first place - I don't remember signing up for it very well and I certainly didn't tell anyone*, but people seem to have discovered me - however I've recently discovered the addictive possibilities of Scrabulous. It's online Scrabble that has a Facebook app you can (install? is that the word?) in your account and play in turns with your Facebook friends. They've got a free site where you can play against total strangers in realtime, which intimidates me, but the Facebook version works fine for me. :) I've currently got five games going, although I swear I've got almost the same letters in every single hand.

* I think I was trying to eavesdrop on the students from the school I work at? Maybe? Or looking at setting up a library page there? Dunno.

01:01 pm


And Scrabulous is now throwing errors, woes!

06:46 pm - Ha!

I'm getting hits on the magatsu.net site from people who are obviously sneakily searching for uploaded doujinshi, as the search strings look like:

intitle:index.of doujin
intitle:index.of jpg doujinshi
index of bleach -php -html -htm

I wonder how disappointed they are to find that I've only got front covers and a sample page or two up? I should post a readme file to those directories to explain that some of them might be for sale and how to contact me. XD

And there was one search for japan cemetery owner.

I'm also getting a ton (relatively speaking) of hits from search.live.com at the moment. I'm guessing it's a bot, rather than people hitting my site from it.

06:50 pm - i am, therefore i meme

What book am I?Collapse )

Also, shall be heading Houston-ward tomorrow (Thursday) to see David Sedaris and the Shaolin Monks. Er, not at the same time, however, because that would be both too much AWESOME and too much BRAIN-BREAKAGE. Back Sunday, not sure how much reading and posting I'll be doing when I'm gone.
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