October 29th, 2007

Near - que?


Due to the UTTER TIME_SUCKING STUPIDITY of installing Civ IV last night, I have discovered that my audio and video cards* are not up to snuff. I can still play, but I have to turn the audio off to SAVE MY SANITY. At any rate, I think this means asking for $$ to either upgrade or get a new computer for Christmas.

Now I need to work out whether I want to upgrade, or get a new one. Upgrading: my computer's a frankenstein anyway and I can purchase and install various bits and pieces myself. Pro: cheapest option, plus I can keep using my current software and hardware. (the scanner MUST still be useful, and I am very leery of trying to use any other OS than the Win2K I've got right now.)

New one: I can get a laptop! I can actually take the thing to cons and not panic abut not getting enough prints! I can hook into wireless networks! I can set up my own and go sit on the couch to surf the Web! Cons: EXPENSIVE. I'd have to either make sure I got one that my ancient scanner** would work with, which I am not optimistic about, or I'd have to keep my old computer on a LAN and use it to scan.

Decisions, decisions...

* 5 years old. I'm not surprised they're getting obsolete, I'm just surprised they've lasted this long.

** This is an Epson 836XL. It is a large bed professional-level scanner. They do not make them of this quality for the consumer market anymore. No scanner I can pay less than $1500 for will make scans of the quality this one does. Buying a new one is Not An Option.
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And now, the semi-daily yuletide report: Aaaaarg ... I've got several possibilities for things that could happen in said story, but no clue as to why or to what the characters will do about whatever happens. Because the only damn things I can think of have already been done in canon. I've got a ton of notes about theme, setting, characterization, what for want of better phrasing I'm going to call "what is behind things," but ... nothing on which to hang it all. And it's driving me nuts.

Maybe it'll help if people ask me random questions about it (that you won't get answers to, naturally). Of course, that really only helps when the people asking questions have some sort of idea as to what they're asking about. :D

And now I'm going the hell to bed.