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a frog the size of texas

November 2nd, 2007

01:15 am - More Doujinshi!

I have taken advantage of the sleeplessness tonight caused by sleeping 14 hours earlier today by scanning more doujinshi from the Japan trip. It's all Bleach except for one Death Note.

If you just want to look trhough them, you can go to the main directory at: http://www.magatsu.net/doujinshi/ and click on the subdirectory you want. To easily look at the ones I scanned tonight, once you click on the subdirectory, click on the heading link that says Last modified twice. This sorts the most recently uploaded files to the top - tonight's doujinshi scans are dated November 1.

And a few pointed out...Collapse )

That's it for now as I'm actually getting sleepy and my cold is sending me down again. I'll try to get the rest scanned tomorrow (er, today, looking at the time): and I do promise you Kenpachi Zaraki in a schoolgirl's uniform in the third and final batch! I bet you can't wait!

01:37 pm - More Doujinshi More!

The last batch of doujinshi! Except for the Zaraki-as-schoolgirl, because I think it merits its own post, in an attempt to draw the dramatic tension out as long as possible.

As always the scans are crud, because I scanned them at low resolution and didn't want to break the spines.

To look through them, go to http://magatsu.net/doujinshi/ and pick the proper directory. To get the ones I scanned and uploaded today, click twice on the Last modified link, and it'll sort the ones dated November 2 to the top.

All Bleach, but these bring the crack!Collapse )

Next post: Zaraki Kenpachi, Highschool Girl!

01:57 pm - As promised: Zaraki Kenpachi in a schoolgirl uniform!

Finally! The Promised Crack! And this time, I won't just link to them, I'll post the images! Don't y'all feel speshul?

Cut for images and NOT BRAIN SAFE although mostly work-safeCollapse )

02:25 pm - GAH

You wanna know how much some online doujinshi sellers are gouging (or attempting to gouge) buyers for? The Zaraki-schoolgirl one I just posted about is on eBay for $24.99 plus shipping from Japan.

You know how much I paid for it, used, in Mandarake? 420 yen. That's approximately four bucks. I'm sure it was probably twice that new, and I've got no problem with sellers tacking on a little extra to cover their time and hassle involved in getting it and running auctions and suchlike, but $24.99 is ridiculous.

I've got a couple I'll probably eBay, but I'm going to put the starting bid as the cost I paid plus how much it cost to ship it from Japan ($1.50 each: I shipped 49 books for $70). There's about 3 or 4 books that cost me a lot because they were new (I think one was 2800ish yen, and one was 1200ish yen), but most were 800 yen or below.

08:17 pm - I do not think that means what you think it means...

I checked the book Story Structure Architect out of the library this week. Not because I think it will driectly help me, as it's pretty didactic about things, but because it felt good. It's a well-designed book, attractive and reminiscent of blueprints, with color and design used quite effectively. Plus, it might serve as reverse-inspiration: the sort that happens when I read something that says "Do [this] in [this] manner," and my reaction is "Oh HELL no!" and I go and do it completely differently, out of spite.

However, that's not what this post is about. What this post is about is one line in an early chapter when it's defining subgenres (and one wonders exactly what the need to define genre is, in a book that's aimed at a slightly more experienced writer than your basic beginner) in Romance:
Regency: Monarchs,rulers, and kings abound


How on earth did Victoria Lynn Schmidt, Ph.D. come up with this definition? Regency romance does not by definition mean that it deals with monarchs, but that it takes place during a specific historical time and place when the UK was ruled by a regent. There are tons of Regency romances that haven't got a single crown in them.

Most of the rest of the definitions of genre are at least halfway decent, but that one stuck out as really, completely, and utterly wrong wrong wrong.
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