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a frog the size of texas

November 4th, 2007

11:17 am - yuletide

I did not work any more on the story after I posted about it last night, instead realizing that my profound exhaustion was a sign I should, perhaps, get some sleep. And thanks to the magic of turning the clocks back, my 11 hours of sleep magically turned into 10. XD

Now I must soon face the rest of the story. ponders whether replacing [[[And then this happens here]]] with "And then they had hat wild monkey sex", whether that's what's supposed to happen or not, will please my recipient.

ETA: I am totally leaving that typo in.

01:03 pm - Scientific Experiment Results!

So, I've tallied up the results of the SCIENTIFIC EXPERIMENT from this post.

So...did the average of all of you guys' guesses get anywhere near the actual number of popcorn kernels in the Sanzo shot glass?

Drumroll, please..........Collapse )

05:25 pm - yuletide

ROUGH DRAFT FINISHED! And it rings in at 2910 words at the moment. Woo! It's off to the beta, and I shall attempt to forget about it so that my brain will be reasonably fresh by the time it gets back.
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