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a frog the size of texas

November 9th, 2007

07:29 am


I have no idea what I'm going to do right now, other than call the police and report it. THIS IS NOT WHAT I NEEDED RIGHT NOW.

ETA: Have called police & reported it. No other apparent damage, so they can take the report over the phone without sending an officer out.

Am going to soon call insurance, and call dealership to find out (a) replacement cost and (b) how the heck I'm going to get my car somewhere where they can replace the wheels and check for further damage. AARRG.

08:32 am - WHEELS GONE

Posting the picture mostly to kill time while waiting for the apartment complex office to open and the insurance claims office to open. And so everyone can see exactly what I saw when I went out of my apartment this morning and share in the WHAT THE HELL?!

No other cars in the parking lot were hit, as far as I can tell.

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08:51 am

Oh - the complete irony of the whole wheels-being-stolen thing? Last night I had a dream that I was walking down a highway. Carrying a TollTag, even, and walked through the toll gate. Hence, I am obviously psychic.

Considering that the dream then went on to have a zeppelin/blimp of some sort fly overhead in flames, then crash into a stadium that was under construction, and then the flaming skin of the zeppelin/blimp blew towards and onto the highway in a scene that could have won awards for special effects, I have deep fear about the stadium under construction in Arlington now.

And nobody here take any zeppelin rides in the near future.

(apartment complex office opens at 9 ... getting extremely antsy now...)

11:45 am - Update on the car situation

Turns out the way you get a car with no wheels on a tow truck is to find and install two wheels. Naturally, Saturns have wonky specialized wheels. Even more naturally, none of the dealerships in DFW have any of the sort that go on my 2005 Saturn Ion 3, and thus they have to get them from Tennessee and they'll be here Monday.

My insurance pays for a rental car, luckily. So this afternoon bitpig is going to come pick me up and drive me there.* Then on Monday I go get the wheels, call my insurance agent back, and she'll arrange the tow. Which then has to go to one of their direct repair program shops, so it'll get towed to this place in Arlington to check to see if any damage has been done to car other than the tires removed.

GAH. At least with the rental car I can go to work on Saturday, when I was scheduled to go, so I can take Monday off in exchange and not take *another* day off my little remaining vacation hours.

ANd, man, once I get a rental car I am going to drive to a BOOKSTORE for a little retail therapy.

ETA: And so far every single person I've talked to on the phone has shared my WTF?! at WHO THE HELL STEALS WHEELS OFF A SATURN?? Mom points out it was obviously a custom job, for someone who wanted Saturn wheels. What the hell? (When I was in college, I had an $8 plastic hubcap stolen from my CRX. So people only steal WEIRD CHEAP things off me.)

* Enterprise will come pick you up, but I'd arranged the ride by the time I found that out and frankly, I desperately need to whine to a friend in person right now so I am thus obliging bitpig to come pick me up anyway. SO THERE!

12:47 pm

Naturally, I am starting to get a migraine from all of this. Is anyone surprised?

Hell, no.
I am getting one in sympathy.
I will mail you Sanzo.
I will rec a book or manga in the comments buy, keeping in mind that you are a bit flustered at the moment to concentrate on anything Literary or recommended for Good Writing. CRACK and adventure is what is called for right now.
I will mail you Mello.
I ahve the perfect title for your yuletide story, although I ahve no idea what fandom it is or what it's about, and I will let you know in the comments.
Chocolate is a balm for all wounds.
As is pie.

01:07 pm

The rentacar poeple just called and said they had a car right now and could come pick me up, and I debated getting a car right now vs. bitching to a friend in person later and the opportunity of going to a bookstore SOOOOOn won. XD So they're coming to pick me up.

05:34 pm - Retail therapy

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07:05 pm - Short update...

...on the food. :D The cheese, alas, was not a favorite. I keep trying to find a somewhat good-quality cheese that I like to eat better than plain old Albertson's store brand Monterey Jack. There pretty much is none: I am a cheese Philistine.

The butter, OTOH, was wonderful. I'm not sure what brand it is, as I ripped the label off and it stuck to itself quite effectively and is now at the bottom of the trash can, but it's packed into a twee little straw basket and is French. I shall be eating a lot of plain old bread I think, in order to do justice to this butter. It will probably make popcorn taste wonderful. XD
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08:50 pm - So far this evening...

Have watched (and cringed in fascinated horror at) two episodes of How Clean Is Your House?.

Have watched - or at least, read while they played in the background - two episodes of Ghost Hunters.*

Have read vol 2 of Parasyte and ... it didn't grab me as much as the first volume did. I'll probably give volume 3 a whirl and if I'm not interested in it, drop the series.

Have also read volume 1 of Togari and ... I an in love. Whee! It's about a 16-year-old swordsman who was in hell for his sins for 300 years, and who is given a chance to get out of hell by coming to the world and destroying 108 demons (called 'sins') in 108 days. Only if he does any sinning himself, such as harming the humans who the sins inhabit, it gets revisited on him. I'll point you towards meganbmoore's Togari tag where she reviews the first 2 volumes. (The main character is one of my Cool Bits, the hard-ass, hardbitten character who finds, much to his surprise, that he does have a wee little bit of heart there.)

And while all this was happening, there was a terrific noise from the bathroom and the cat shot out, limping horribly. She'd tried to jump on top of a tall cabinet and fell off, along with the travel bag stored up there. I was scared for a short while, but she's not limping now and repeated pokes of her rear end and hind legs produce nothing more than purrs and licks, so I think the limping was more shock than pain. She did attempt to make me feel guilty for moving her kitty bed from the Good Spot on the couch and sitting there myself, but has given up on that and is now sleeping next to the kitty bed, using it as a pillow.

* See, I don't get why skeptics are attacking the show based on the methods they use to investigate and how they could have faked the stuff they catch on film and such when it's damn obvious that the whole thing is a loosely scripted soap opera.
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09:41 pm - Bison Pot Roast

So the bison pot roast is now in the crockpot and heating merrily away. I shall post the recipe here, so that I can refer back to it later when I either want to reproduce it because it was so good, or alter it because it was awful.

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