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a frog the size of texas

November 10th, 2007

11:37 pm - Writing thought...

...so how do people who write serial stories that are posted (or published) chapter by chapter manage to do it? I know I have to go back when something's done and clean it up to get rid of the cruft from previous mental versions that drifted in when I was writing it, and if I tried to do a serial, it'd be full of bizarre little things wandering off into nowhere and badly-managed red herrings and places where I fully intended to go somewhere with something-or-other but forgot all about it.*

(Thought sparked by reading the latest chapter of a fic posted to ff.net.)

* Ha. I talk like I've written lots, which I haven't. In my entire adult life, I've written a total of five stories that I've finished, only one of which I admit to, which is the Yuletide story. Doesn't mean there's not lots of stories littering my brain, just means I haven't committed them to paper.
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