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a frog the size of texas

November 12th, 2007

12:10 am

meganbmoore has posted some sample scans from Togari. :D

01:03 am - Oh yeah...

...in re: naming my laptop, as I told rachelmanija in the comments of a previous post, when I attached my tiny black rectangular iPod to my significantly larger black rectangular laptop, I realized they were obviously...Read more...Collapse )

10:30 am

One Laptop Per Child - Give One/Get One. Right now, between November 12 and November 26, if you make a $399 donation, you donate one XO laptop to a child and receive one yourself. $200 of the donation is tax-deductible.

12:38 pm - GOSH GUESS WHAT?

My wheels are still in transit and should be here tomorrow. Aarg, this is not what I needed.


For the benefit of those who expressed an interest in how Vista's working. For those who are wondering why the hell I have Vista: it's not for my primary machine. Read this weekend's posts for the fine details.

Step 1. Attempt to install normally. Fail to note teeny thing in bottom bar of desktop that flashes at you for several minutes. Terminate install, which has done nothing and gone nowhere.

2. Try again. Notice teeny thing. Note that it contains this INCREDIBLY USEFUL error message: "Setup.exe has stopped working." Gosh. Would never have known if you hadn't told me.

3. Do lots of websearching. Find lots of problems with Vista, as well as information that Civ IV *is* Windows-certified and theoretically compatible with Vista. Do not find this particular problem.

4. Try various things, such as downloading and installing DirectX 9, updating various drivers, etc. Nothing helps.

5. Whine at the boy via email.

6. Boot into safe mode, attempt install, to same results.

7. Read email from the boy. It links to a page of possible suggestions, which includes copying the CDs to disk and installing from there.

8. Copy to 3 folders on desktop. Start install. Success! Somewhat. Bog down when it asks for disk 2 and is unable to see either CD or desktop folder. Bitch to the boy via email.

9. Reread instructions, note that it seems to say all the files should be in same folder. Move CD-innard folders 2 and 3 to 1.

10. Install. Success!

11. Attempt to install Beyond the Sword from CD. Same problem. Start copying all data to one folder on desktop, post to LJ.

Total time so far: 2 hours. (Steps 3 and 4 were long, involved, frustrating, and took forever. :D)

ETA: 20 minutes after posting the above, the Incan Empire has started its climb to world domination! I was worried that having to have the CD i the drive would make it freak out, but that was no problem. I also have a widescreen laptop, and some people have reported problems with those, but mine seems to be working just fine. Yay. Finally.
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