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a frog the size of texas

November 13th, 2007

08:20 am - AKICIMFL*

* All Knowledge Is Contained In My Friends List.

A stray thought by octopedingenue made me realize that there's got to be, somewhere out there because I cannot believe Shonen Jump would pass up this marketing opportunity, a vinyl sticker/decal with the insignia of the 11th Division from Bleach on it, so I can stick it on my laptop. :D Barring that, I know there are people who do custom decals who might be willing to do that relatively inexpensively - there was one set up at A-Kon last year, for example. And failing that I believe there's some vinyl-type decal/sticker paper out there that is white, not clear, where I can print it out myself, although that's my third choice because it means that I have to cut the edges straight and I'll probably waste several pieces before I succeed. :)

So: if you're bored at work or home or school and feel like searching around the Net, find me one of the above, plzkthx!

08:36 am

benchilada has a nifty idea, if you've got a couple of bucks to spare. XD

09:00 am - More linkblogging!

From a post to the very low-traffic yokaimonsters, an LJ comm about traditional Japanese monsters. These two links are the 2007 Kawasaki Halloween parade. There's lots of nifty costumes in them, but the best part is about halfway down the second page, where you get a bunch of costumers dressed as traditional Japanese monsters: oni, tengu, kappa, etc.


I think my favorite is the picture, near the end, with a tengu (crow demon), a rokurokubi (woman with extendable neck), and a child nopperabou (faceless person).

09:23 am - I meme therefore I am

What kind of Japanese demon am I?Collapse )

01:37 pm - AAGGHHH

Just called the parts department of the dealership: the nimrod who took my order ordered TWO wheels, not FOUR. So the manager got on, apologized profusely, and ordered two more, which *should* be in tomorrow. Aarg!

09:11 pm - Meme time!

Via lady_ganesh, only the most awesomest internet quiz evarCollapse )

11:24 pm - Two TOTALLY AWESOME things!

I have not told you all about the MOSTEST AWESOMEST model that I picked up from a convenience store in Japan. You see, next to all the anime figurines at one conbini was a selection of cylindrical squat boxes, with pictures of stuff Leonardo da Vinci had designed all over them. rachelmanija encouraged me to get one, and it turned out that I purchased a scale model of a war machine of some ilk. I had not shown it previously because I broke it while I was unpacking it, and it required some epoxy to be able to show it off properly.

Step this way...Collapse )

And now, for one pic of Kenpachi and Yachiru, my new electronic toys...

Read more...Collapse )

And now my upstairs neighbors appear to ahve removed whtever was making their washing machine go off-balance, and go THUNKA THUNKA THUNKA THUNKA so I can actually go to bed.
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