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a frog the size of texas

November 14th, 2007

08:42 am - Linkblogging

Got your gamer geek credentials? Youtube video - California vs. Washington State halftime show. (via solarbird)

02:04 pm

They have the wheels.

They have the tires, although it didn't occur to them until I asked that I needed tires.

What they don't have are lug nuts. It will be tomorrow.

And they can mount the tires on the wheels for me, but I have to pay first because they are classified as used parts when that happens. But I can pay by credit card over the phone and they can get it done before I get there, so the guy will call me tomorrow when the lug nuts are in, I'll pay them that way, and be able to pick them up tomorrow afternoon.


02:17 pm - Completely random pet peeve out of nowhere...

For heaven's sake, people, when you react to something with a frisson of fear or disgust, you shudder, not shutter! If you happened to shutter in horror, that means you reacted to whatever it was by closing all the shutters on your house, not by shaking!


So ... anyone else want to vent about linguistic pet peeves?

02:29 pm

After today, I kinda of needed to see this: a damn cute cupcake.

05:59 pm - JUST when I thought the day couldn't get any more surreal...

...I get home to find a large box from Dish Network sitting on my front doorstep with big letters on the side admonishing me to send my Dish Network equipment back immediately.

Small problem. I don't have Dish Network equipment. I get cable and internet access through Ygnition Networks, which gives me Dish Network channels, but through an Ygnition cable box.*

So I call them and end up spending a very, very long time on hold while the very nice tech on the other end** sat on hold for a very long time until he got through to the Dish Network techs and worked out why I'd been sent it.

Apparently some Dish Networks tech had another customer on the line, but my account up for God only knows what reason*** and mistakenly put the order to return the equipment on mine. He says that it's all taken care of now and off my account, and I don't have to do a thing. *crosses fingers*

On the bright side, I got chomiji's package with volume 1 of Hoshin Engi and a nifty card that features a crow walking through a field in boots. Thank you! At least one bright spot in the day! ETA: http://www.art.com/asp/display_artist-asp/_/crid--24726/Rudi_Hurzlmeier.htm

* This is the only option here if I want high-speed Internet. No DSL companies offer service here. I hate these monopoly things. I WILL BE VERY HAPPY TO LEAVE HERE IN THE SPRING.

** who was very apologetic about the hold times, but I think was quite surprised at how I wasn't getting angry and yelling at him, but was perfectly happy to hold. He didn't understand that as long as someone was doing his job in a competent manner I was perfectly happy to sit back and let him do it.

*** Probably mistyping the telephone number. When I worked at AT&T it was really easy to get someone else's account by doing that. I think that's the real reason they ask you security questions at companies nowadays - to confirm they have the correct account.

09:42 pm

Have spent the last hour standing and folding the second half of almost every item of clothing I own (I did the first half last night). I'm attempting to spend the next few months downsizing my possessions before I move, and the obvious place to start was the clothing, since I no longer fit a lot of it.

I stacked everything that was too big (plus a few things that fit that I never wear) on the loveseat in my bedroom, and it completely fills it. :D There's a few more items that are in the dryer right now, since giving dirty clothing to Goodwill is just tacky, but sooon I will have a wardrobe filled with only items of clothing that I actually wear. Mostly. There are a few sentimental shirts that I never wear that I'm keeping - T-shirts that commemorate something, and my bootleg Hot Topic Vash the Stampede and Himura Kenshin shirts. XD

In other news, I had a low-grade migraine all day which is turning out, now that I've taken Relpax, to be one of those that aren't affected by it. :P It's not bad, it's just there and is one of those where the chronic disorganization, exhaustion, and stupidity* are worse than the pain.

I think I shall pop some popcorn, drench it in the really good French butter, then take a Vicoden and crawl into bed. The Vicoden won't do anything for the pain, but I know it'll make me sleepier, which can only be good at this point.

* No kidding. One possible symptom of migraines is a reduction in your intellectual ability. No one would call me stupid with a migraine, but I can tell that my thought processes are slower and I'm not really able to think as deeply as I usually can.

11:16 pm - Yo catalogers...

...what are the biggest problems you see in cataloging manga today? Looks like I'm writing an article with a cataloger about that very subject, and I'm bringing the manga knowledge, and he's bringing the cataloging knowledge. But that's the question he posed to me, and as I am complete pants at cataloging, I thought I'd ask around.

I do know that determining whether something is appropriate for a younger or an older crowd can pose a bit of a problem, especially if it's a series and the youth-inappropriate material doesn't show up until a few books in.
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