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a frog the size of texas

November 16th, 2007

11:58 am - Stats neepery

You guys managed to pass that RAISED BY PIGEONS manga report around but good!

See my stats page!Collapse )

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ETA: False alarm. Tell full story later.

02:50 pm


Only 15 lug nuts, but hey.

07:01 pm - The saga so far...

The car is now at the body shop, in its parking lot, with the key in the possession of a body shop employee. The tow truck driver was really nice and thought this whole thing was hilarious - tough on me, but hilarious, and the body shop employees thought it was hilarious, too.

Between them, the insurance agent, the dealership people, and the person on the phone arranging the tow, I have brought great happiness and hilarity to many, many people across Texas.

The anguished text message about the wheels earlier, which I am very glad I was mistaken on, was because when the wheels were loaded into my rental car, I saw they had four holes, and I was pretty sure that my car had five. Cue lots of scrambling around by dealership employees. The one sent off to look for the lug nuts* said that everything made sense now, since he had a hard time finding the lug nuts because the paperwork didn't make sense, which of course made me think I was right.

We eventually tracked down the photo of what I thought was my car under a light coating of snow, which had five lug nuts, only to find that it wasn't a Saturn Ion 3, but some car that looked very, very, very much like a Saturn Ion 3 under a light coat of snow, and that I had the correct wheels after all.

But I'm sure you can all see why I was fairly sure that it was possible for them to make a mistake.

Speaking of insurance, the very good, welcome news is that after I pay my deducible ($500), USAA will pay for everything else. Yaaay. I pay exorbitant car insurance rats for a reason. (When my previous car was caught in a hailstorm four years ago and I had to have the entire top half of the car replaced, they covered everything past $500 and threw in the rental car, too.)

Now I'm going to make a big batch of popcorn with French gourmet butter on it, sit on the sofa with my laptop**, play Civ IV and watch television.

* Damn expensive, by the way. I told Mom she can buy me the remaining one for Christmas as her one large present to me.

** When on the phone with the insurance agent, I went ahead and added their computer thinger to my renters' insurance. $5/month more, and I get $3K worth of insurance for my computers, which will cover both the laptop and the desktop. After this week, I FEEEL the NEEEED for insurance.

11:52 pm - Doctor Who - Time Crash

The Children in Need Special: 7-minute film where Ten meets Five. On YouTube until the BBC notices.

The Master line had me ROFL. XD
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