November 19th, 2007

Kyo - cranky kitty

Results of weekend-long mad cleaning spree:

Living/TV area: clean and tidy, except for handheld vacuum claener and box in middle of floor.

Kitchen: clean & tidy except for small pile of boxes of garbage bags on floor.

Bathroom: clean & tidy (with shiny baseboards!)

Bedroom: clean & tidy except for bedside table with stuff piled on it, suitcase with stuff piled in it, loveseat with clothes-for-Goodwill piled on it, and vacuum cleaner in corner. We won't mention the closet.

Studio/work area: pigsty still, but less so than before.

Storage/exercise* area: pigsty still.

Cat: kind of freaked out.

Me: tired, sore, achy, and with a headache from not enough sleep. (woke up Sunday after 5 hours, but didn't go to bed last night early enough to make up for it.) Plus with vague idea for Bleach fic, which I am not quite sure yet is ready for committing to pixels in any way, including notes.

ETA: P.S. Don't ask me about my car; I don't know anything more yet and I'm tired of talking about it.

* The living room is obnoxiously long and completely useless for arranging in such a way as to utilize it well, so I solved that problem some time ago by blocking off part of it with shelves and a screen and piling stuff back there.
Mononoke - in the balance


If anyone's looking for Mononoke artwork, this post in mononoke_anime has links and pics.

And for those of you who think I'm talking about Princess Mononoke (I'm not), or who don't know what I'm talking about, YOU ARE MISSING OUT. Go look at the images. THE ANIMATION ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE THAT.

Collapse )

Also, it has a biwa-playing demon fish.
Bleach - dork squad

The Russians are coming!

Er, well, loading at any rate. got well over 2000 hits from the Russian Livejournal clone hotlinking the Zaraki Kenpachi in a Schoolgirl Uniform pics. XD (Wasn't enough to seriously impact my bandwidth, though.)

I decided to do a little advertising on the two images in the set with black facing pages. XD

It makes me want to know what
адынадынадын!!!1111111 адынадынадын!!!1111111 адынадынадын!!!1111111 адынадынадын!!!1111111 адынадынадын!!!1111111(c)
means. It's the same thing over and over again. XD (I assume it's a Bleach community. :D)

ETA: Check comments for translation. XD
Asoka - shimmy!

Leonardo models!

I found the company that makes the Leonardo da Vinci models like the one I posted about earlier!

They have a webshop up at but I haven't the slightest idea how to navigate around it, what their prices are like, or if they ship to the US (and it looks vaguely like they may do bulk orders only).

OTOH, they're also the company that makes the little models of weapons from Blade of the Immortal. I have Magatsu's double sword (it's the one right above the SECRET blurred-out one).
Near - que?

(no subject)

Can anyone explain why I used to own the CDs for The Crow movie 1 and The Crow movie 2, and now I own two copies of The Crow movie 1? Because I prefer the music on 2, and now I have no copies of it. WTF?!