November 20th, 2007

Kyo - say what?


Wonder how an LJ round-robin story would work? Let's see: if I post the beginning of a story here, anyone who felt the urge to continue it could post a comment, and anyone continuing that story would reply to that comments, and so on.

So ... why not? I think the only rules (so far) need to be:
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Feel free to ask for clarifications, etc. in the comments.

This might turn out good, or might fall flat. We'll see. :D

That being said, let me start with something reasonably generic and vague that can go in a number of directions...

(ETA1: 3 responses at the moment, and I'm loving the different ways it's gone already. XD)


There was, of course, a library, a proper library, with shelves packed tight with leather-bound books carefully lined up at the edge of the shelf. There was, of course, someone walking through the aisles, echo of footsteps muffled by the paper and leather, searching for the right book. The figure stopped, bent to examine one of the lower shelves, then pulled out a book and opened it, flipping hastily through the pages, then stopped at a page a little more than halfway through the book.

"Aha. This is it."
Hiromasa - Uh...what?

Spam spam spam spam

It seems bertie Kwasneski has seen fit to send me one of the more surreal spam emails I've gotten in a while:

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