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a frog the size of texas

November 25th, 2007

12:03 am

One of my neighbors has an unsecure wireless network, so I am piggybacking on it right now. Being somewhat paranoid, I have also set up an SSH tunnel through which I am viewing the web and logging in to places. Presumably whoever's got the unsecure network is just clueless and not setting up traps, but YOU NEVER KNOW.

You don't need to post the relevant xkcd strips: I've already seen them.

And now I'm going to log off without saying anything of substance, because all I really wanted to say was: I am on the INTERNET in my BEDROOM with NO WIRES. (That, and my original plan was to look at relevant sites to work more on the Bleach fic simmering in my brain, but the current problem seems to be that I haven't found the voice with which to tell it yet. Which is a bit odd, considering the structure it has to be in. WHINE. SOMEONE MAGICALLY TELL ME THE ANSWER.)

07:26 pm

Made tonight, turned out pretty good. This is from a tapas cookbook I have, Tapas Fantasticas, and so technically produces 8 appetizers, but works as 2 entrees.
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10:15 pm - this is just not my month...

Went to put my iPod on and listen to some music and discovered that inexplicably all my music had vanished from it, although not the podcasts or video. I am HOPING that I did a boneheaded thing and managed to sync it when I updated the video on it so that it synced away all the music, rather than it being a hardware or software fault. I am in the process of taking all my mp3s from their backup discs (I am not entirely stupid; it's all backed up) and putting them on the hard drive so I can just sync the whole damn thing. And am putting thought into an external HD to use as a music/audio backup to make syncing easier. (The iPod Classic really wants you to sync instead of manually moving stuff over, which is far less dangerous. Aarg. Wonder if Anapod Explorer works on Vista?)

Expressions of sympathy welcome, if you feel like giving them, or similar tales of woe, but PLEASE no advice: I have been inundated with advice from every quarter about everything that's happened this past month and I am so damn tired of people telling me what I should do that I do not respond well to advice; instead, I get cranky and take it out on the hapless adviser.
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