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a frog the size of texas

November 26th, 2007

09:06 pm

My car is back, finally! I called the body shop today to ask if there was some sort of update on it, and the girl on the phone said they had to wait for [something I don't remember], but it was going to be looked at today. So I call the insurance agency to get another extension on my rental car, which expired today, and my agent decided to conference in the body shop to get a firm estimate on when it would be done. We ended up talking to the general manager, who claimed he had it up on the lift at that moment being looked at, and after I cleared up a bit of confusion about the dent on the bumper, which I'd already told them (as well as writing it on the paperwork they gave me) was pre-existing, he said it would most likely be done today. And the agent said to call her and let her know if it wasn't going to be done by 4:15, so she could extend the rental one more day for me. And he called back an hour later and said it was done. :)

And the good news: zero damage. He said he'd put about five miles on it to make sure it drove correctly, and it was all good. And somehow I expect his repeating everything to me five times, as well as NOT CHARGING for looking at the car, was to disguise the fact that they screwed up somewhere in not looking at it sooner.

And you know what? I don't care. I just wanted it back, and am happy it is. Whatever the deal is, it's between them and the insurance company, and the good thing about my insurance company is that it has to answer to retired colonels who have nothing better to do than pester their insurance company for stuff, so they're Very Good at things like that.

So the grand upshot is: after three weeks, I have a new set of tires and wheels so I don't have to mess with getting new tires for a long time.
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