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a frog the size of texas

November 29th, 2007

08:53 am - The Christmas wishlist meme...

cut for CRASS CONSUMERISM and some not-consumer stuffCollapse )

ETA: And if you've got a wishlist up, let me know. Maybe I've got something on hand that you want that I want to get rid of before I move, or maybe I know someone who does. :D

10:24 am - Prompt time!

The prompt-gathering post for springkink's next round, to be posted in February, is up! It's open until Dec. 14. For samples of previous prompts, check the prompt master list tag. The name of the people who submitted the prompts aren't revealed until after the results are posted.

ETA: I also recommend posting minor fandoms like, say, Mononoke to the prompts post, just because you never know who might be looking through the list, looking for something to draw... it tends to the pr0n, being as it is named springkink, but there's lots of art and fic that isn't pr0n, also, and careful crafting of prompts can discourage teh_pr0n if you don't want it. :)

02:58 pm

If anyone has a website selling gifts or services for holiday shopping purposes, wintersweet is gathering a roundup of links over here.

03:29 pm - Couple of untested links...

I just found these, and haven't had a chance to look through/test them.

Art Tutorials Wiki

Artweaver, a freeware program apparently similar to a stripped-down Painter. (ETA: There's a gallery forum where people post works. The "First artweaver piece (nude)" is very nice and similar to Painter, and this thread has one guy's works from ConceptArt.org, plus a couple of posts where he explains which brushes and settings he used.)

11:20 pm - CASE REPORT #45 by Wendell Ottman, President, Scientific Paranormal Investigation Team (SPIT)

Fandom: Bleach, no spoilers
Rating: G
Word count: 3965
(Much thanks to meganbmoore, frostedelves, and oyceter for the beta!)

What follows is possibly the most eventful investigation that the Scientific Paranormal Investigation Team has ever done in our years of operation. It is presented here as a warning to potential members about what may happen and what can go wrong during an investigation, as well as the necessity of maintaining professional behavior at all times.

by Wendell Ottman, President,
Scientific Paranormal Investigation Team (SPIT)

The ------ Sanitarium stands stark and abandoned...Collapse )
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