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a frog the size of texas

December 3rd, 2007

08:39 am - Dreams...

Two strange dreams last night. Cut because I almost never read the contents of anyone else's dreams, so why should you? Unless you're curious to see if you're one of the three people from my LJ f-list who were in them.Collapse )

12:14 pm - Pollage!

Because I am bored and you guys have not been posting enough comments to entertain me today, my mind has therefore seized upon the potentially very dangerous ideas of actually posting the Bleach story to the Pit of Voles, er ff.net. As this could indeed be very dangerous, I therefore turn to the intarwebs to make my decision for me.


03:12 pm - Posting imminent! Make your bets!

Since y'all are full of schadenfreude and encouraged me to post the Bleach story to the Pit of Voles in the previous post, I am about to do so. And in celebration of that, there's now a virtual betting pool going. All currency is in the form of internet dollars (currently trading at 1 internet dollar for .7 internet euro), so your winnings are worth exactly what you invested.

Read more...Collapse )

04:20 pm - Posted!

(Context would be here and here, as this makes absolutely no sense without reading at least the first link.)

Posted here, for you to keep an eye on.

If it garners no comments within the week, then we all win one million internet dollars.

05:56 pm

20 min. 3.5 mi. Total: 564.5 From Rivendell: 102 mi. Crossing a small stream.

07:28 pm - A new superhero!

I'm looking through some stock photo sites for ref for one of the art exchanges I'm doing, and it's always funny how they describe their photos in order to get as many keywords in as possible. Today's sample reads: unusual fitness woman on dark background in boxing gloves, studio shot.

I am Unusual Fitness Woman!!

10:41 pm

Who was it that wanted to know about Ergo Proxy? marith is watching it, and has reported on episodes 1 and 2 in her LJ.
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