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a frog the size of texas

December 5th, 2007

09:24 am

Some translations from the Bleach Official Bootleg book. Some of these have been done already on one of the large Bleach forums, but this translator did a bit more on the captain and lieutenant profile sections than those, plus translated the recruitment posters for the divisions. Including this bit from the 13th Division's section, where there's a bit contributed by Yachiru, who seems to have a huge crush on Captain Ukitake (she steals the carp from the Kuchiki mansion and sneaks them into the 13th's carp pond):
Frank talk!! with the 11th division lieutenant, Kusajishi Yachiru
Ukkii? There's always really tasty-looking candy by Ukkii's bedside. And there are reeeally big carp in the pond outside too~ Ehehe, I brought them there.
Note that she's eating Ukitake's medicine. Which probably explains a lot.

12:19 pm

aaargh! head! hurts!

I think if I eat lunch early, that will help, and if I can just make it to the 2:00 meeting I've got, I can go home at 3, afterward...

03:24 pm

batwrangler shows off her hedgehog. Cute!
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