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a frog the size of texas

December 6th, 2007

03:23 pm - Aaaaaaah...

cut for Vicoden-induced ramblingCollapse )

09:03 pm

meganbmoore correctly points out that it's quite a shame how few people have "raised by pigeons" as an LJ interest.

I, however, am shocked at how few of us have "jamie want big boom"* as an interest. And I am also the only one with "mello hates you" as an interest.

* I'm unsure whether that's "want" or "wants," but almost no one has the "wants" version, either.

11:50 pm - Male nude art reference

I was looking around DeviantArt for some good nude or nearly-nude men in classical art poses for drawing reference as I'm putting together another project in my head (you'll see it when it's done), and bookmarked several people who have decent stock photos for that.

As this is DA, which thinks that artistic nudes are OMG SAVE THE CHIIIIIILDRUN, you'll need to be logged in to a DA account to see most of them. I tried not to bookmark ones that were mostly camwhoring, and to mark ones that understoo9d artists weren't interested in the model gazing at the camera, or even in the model at all, and interested in light, form, shape, and movement.


Also plz to be noting that ahrum-stock.deviantart.com/ has a small series of totally awesome sword poses (that one looks oddly Blade of the Immortal familiar) that I absolutely must remember.
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