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a frog the size of texas

December 11th, 2007

08:37 am - Anyone want leather jacket/coat?

I have a leather coat/jacket that is now way too big for me that needs a good home. HOWEVER (a) I have no idea how much to ask for it and (b) the sleeves have been altered because I are short. It could technically be altered back because the sleeves were just folded under instead of being cut, but there will probably be a line of wear around the sleeves at the point.

It's originally from Avenue, a bit A-line, I think, with no belt or anything like that. I can't find a picture on their site, but I can try to take one tonight if anyone's interested. Buttons up the front,* size 30/32, and I'm 5'2", for sleeve-length reference. :D The sleeves are cut a *little* long to cover anything I wore under it, but still anyone much taller than me is going to have their wrists sticking out of it. Fairly long - hits me a few inches above the knee. Lined, and the lining is in good shape (unlike my current leather jacket where the lining is tearing itself out in strips but I don't care because I love it).

I forgot the original price, which I think was $180-200, but I got it on sale for closer to $120. I'm not looking to make back the money, but I didn't really want to just donate it to Goodwill, either. :)

So - if you're interested, make an offer, and if you want a photo let me know and I'll take some when I get home from work.

* Er, I think it buttons, instead of zips. I probably should have written this up at home,w here it is, instead of work, where it's not, but I'd never remember to do it at home. :D

08:44 am

Oh yes - in multiple of the Scrabulous games I'm playing on Facebook right now, ALL YOUR I ARE BELONG TO ME.

Too bad I can't actually make any words with those Is.

03:19 pm - cooooookbooks

The library I work at has a large collection of cookbooks (hint to anyone looking them up in a card catalog: search on "subject words" and "cookery", rather than "cookbook"), and I periodically go through and check a few out for the hell of it.

I found a couple of winners today, for values of "winner" that mean "do not want!" One is from the 60s and has a sort of 60s-style insanely perky font, and is titled World of parties. It's a collection of menus, serving suggestions, and recipes for internationally themed parties, and is awesometastic in its offensiveness, as per the general run of pop culture in the 60s.

The other one is bound in burlap, has the title and ISBN printed in a font that looks like it was stenciled on, and is entitled The People's Cookbook. And yes, it's pretty much exactly what you expect: a collection of home-cooking recipes from the downtrodden peoples of the world.

I also discovered that we have James Lileks' The Gallery of Regrettable Food, and shall be checking it out shortly. :)

I could possibly be persuaded to post sample recipes from the two cookbooks mentioned above, if there's interest.

03:29 pm - HEY!

You know what's a damn shame? We've all been neglecting bish_a_day for almost a full year now!

For those of you who've started reading my LJ less than a year ago, last year at about this time I started bish_a_day after ... oh lord, something-or-other. It doesn't matter. It's for posting pics of bishounen, or non-bishounen that you can come up with an elaborate and exciting justification for. Rules, which are pretty much guidelines if you can make us laugh, on the profile page.


06:47 pm

20 min. 3.5 mi. Total: 582 From Rivendell: 119.5 mi. Off in the distance! What is it?

09:15 pm

The package slip I got to pick up something from the post office turned out to be a copy of Chinese Knotting, a craft book, from cawingcrow. Thank you!! :D

10:18 pm

And don't forget, when you're bored, to go give me lots of Style Points on MangaRevolution. :D
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