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a frog the size of texas

December 12th, 2007

08:29 am - Christmas and New Year's memeage

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11:52 am

Remember to go give me style points on Manga Revolution! I'm eight TWO a hundred and eighty-odd points away from Level 3 4! (XD) and I've already given myself points today, so I can't give myself any more until tomorrow. XD

01:18 pm - Cookbooks!

As I promised yesterday, here's a bit from the World of Parties cookbook I found in the stacks. It was published in 1964 (in Japan, oddly enough) and offers exactly as much racial sensitivity as you'd expect.

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05:48 pm

20 min. 3.5 mi. Total: 585.5 From Rivendell: 123 mi. Off in the distance! It's ... a mountain. Gosh.

07:47 pm

I have no idea how I ran across sarahtales's journal, but I run into passages like this, and I certainly know why:
And of course, I was in New York for your strange ceremony of Thanksgiving. I still regard it as an odd but fantastic combination of Halloween and Christmas. Like a bridge between Halloween and Christmas. A bridge made entirely out of pie.
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