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a frog the size of texas

December 13th, 2007

12:38 pm

Post on nice-guy syndrome that I'm putting here to remind myself to go back and finish reading the comments later.

02:50 pm

I took a trip to Borders at lunch* and got Tactics #3, Tsubasa 12-14**, and a book from the YA section titled Dragon Sword and Wind Child, in the Tales of Magatama series. This is a translation of a fantasy by Noriko Ogiwara originally published in Japan. It intrigued me, and when I read the author bio on the back I noticed that it mentioned that the author had also written The Good Witch of the West, which is a manga series being published here right now. The bio didn't mention that Witch was a manga - I went over and checked the manga shelves to confirm - which leads me to wonder why the publisher is stepping away from the OMG MANGA thing. Especially after I noticed that the publisher is Viz. Hmm. I can't believe there's a huge market for fantasy readers who won't read anything contaminated by manga cooties, because after all it's fantasy, but maybe there is.

At any rate, I bought it, figuring maybe it'll have that essential something-or-other that I've been getting in manga and not getting in American fantasy lately. And if not, at least I'm encouraging the market for bringing Japanese fantasy over to the States so that I may eventually find something that's got that whatever-it-is.

* I had a coupon, ok?

** Which I will totally never admit I'm reading. I tried it once before and the incoherency of vol 1 put me off, but after reading years of squeeing on my f-list about it, I picked up the 3-volume version and by the end of book 3 actually had a clue what the story was. But I'm totally not reading it.

04:06 pm

Wow, this guy on DA does some pretty sweet marker work!

05:58 pm

20 min. 3.5 mi. Total: 589 From Rivendell: 126.5 mi. Getting sleepy. Maybe I'll camp soon.

10:11 pm

So there's this game site called Rise of War, which looks like it's probably fun for people who like to play online games. I got nothing against it, in general. Except that there's an alliance - seems to be a guild or whatever the equivalent is on the site - that's taken some inspiration from Bleach and decided to use one of my doujinshi scans to decorate their homepage. Which, again, I got no problem with. Except that they're hotlinking... Read more...Collapse )
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