December 15th, 2007

Gin waves byebye


1. Now that I've written that Bleach fic, I can't take Ghost Hunters seriously when they do a provocation to try to get a spirit to respond. Er, not that I took them seriously to start with, but you know what I mean.

2. People who post icons and say THESE ARE NOT BASES DO NOT ALTER THEM when the icons are merely cropped from a manga page or screenshot and tinted one color with no other work whatsoever? MISSING THE POINT. Makes me want to go to the manga and crop the exact same picture out and put text on it JUST TO SPITE THEM.

3. My cat is having some sort of nice dream, I think. She's sitting next to me, sound asleep, and making smacking noises with her mouth.

4. Aaaaand now that I've found out who did this icon so I can credit them, I can use it. :D

5. The most useful word in Scrabulous that I've found so far? Qaid. A q word without a U is something to treasure close to your heart.

6. Tilapia poached in a sauce made of soy sauce, water, wine, onion, ginger, and sugar is amazingly good.