December 17th, 2007

Cats - Sora and Nefer

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meganbmoore is TOTALLY NOT READING Bastard!!, the cracktastic 80s classic shounen series starring a rampaging magician who takes the opportunity to lose his clothes whenever possible and leches on every female that crosses his path, lots of 80s hair, and many, many, many references to 80 hair bands.

And I have TOTALLY NEVER READ it either.
Cats - Sora and Nefer

If you're taking a break from your yuletide story...

...or just reading your f-list, remember to take some time and go over to my Manga Revolution page and gimme some Style Points. :D As an incentive, I've uploaded two of the illustrations I did for the Yaoicon anthology last year. Both are worksafe - one completely, the other just barely technically. XD

(And while you're at it, go over and give Nightambre some Style Points - she's only 11 points away from Level 2!)

ETA:Instructions for giving points in comments. Thank you!
Near - que?

Character creation

This is the answer I posted in reply to someone on the DA forums who was asking about tips for creating original characters. I'm reproducing it here because I'm vaguely thinking of working up a tutorial of some sort on this type of character-creation process.

Ironically, I've never actually done anything with characters I've created this way. XD The characters I've done stuff with tend to accrete over a long period of time as bits and bobs of things I've read or seen or heard attach to each other in the back of my head. But I find this process fun to do, at least, and I can see where it might help others. Flexing the creative muscle always does some sort of good, even if you don't end up using the final product.

I've also got the vague glimmerings of the beginning of an idea how to make a random character-creator generator that would produce a reasonably well-rounded character to start with, and also give me practice programming Ajax, but I haven't sat down and worked any logistics out yet.

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Cats - Sora and Nefer

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Apparently, I'm just telling people how to run their lives today. Leaving this link here because I just gave a long crit on someone's story at DA, and I feel the need to refer back to it, for some reason. (It's at the bottom of the story.)
goku - chewing

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Gingerbread made with a mix of nutmeg and Chinese five-spice powder instead of cloves? not as bad as one might think. Don't think I'll go out of my way to repeat the experiment - only done because I discovered too, too late that I'd managed to buy nutmeg instead of cloves - but it's edible.

Also, chicken baked in a sauce made of honey, orange juice, soy sauce, garlic, and onion is a win.