December 18th, 2007

Bleach - Aizen and Gin dance!

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Not intended as a sideways slam at the frantically finishing yuletideers (I go straight for the jugular instead, like in my previous post XD). It's just that this is the first time I finally remember to ask this damn question when I'm sitting at the computer. It came out of me realizing the other day that my favorite part of writing right now is revising, and that my process of drafting is to get the damn thing hammered out and over with so I can settle into the fun bits, and I wanted to see what others are like.

Which of these two parts of the writing process do you like better?

Earlier - drafting
Later - revising
Something complicated I will explain in the comments

The icon I hopefully remember to use on this post. WIN or WIN?


What are Aizen and Gin dancing to?

Angus the Angry Owl


Some of you may remember my posts about Hank the cardinal, way back in the pre-tag days of 2005 or so, so I can't find them quickly. Hank lived in the bushes outside the windows here in our basement (the bottom of our windows are at ground level, about 4 feet up from the floor) and for a long time fought companionably with the cardinal in the window. And when the head of Housekeeping parked her new, big, shiny red truck in the reserved parking space outside our windows, Hank was beside himself with joy at the new, very large, cardinal to fight, and managed to scratch the hell out of it. Anyway. Hank's not back, having flown on to pastures greener, and there's no new visitors to our windows, but the library staff break room on the third floor, with its windows with deep outside ledges, is currently the target of some vicious attacks.

I thought crows were supposed to be the smart ones of the avian world. Apparently, that's not saying much, as two crows have now spent well over a week attacking the crows in the break room window. It used to be just one crow doing it. I saw him bring a friend over one day, who watched him attack the crow in the window, and then flew off with a distinct air of "You moron!" But our merry attacker has now found a companion for his folie à deux, and the pair have been beating the hell out of the window for a few days.

They're pretty intent on it, too. Just now, when up getting a Coke Zero from the machine, I was able to walk within inches of the window before one flew away, then I stood and watched the other one work for a while before experimentally waving frantically at him to see if he'd notice. He stopped, looked at me for a bit, then flew off. I'm assuming there's a pretty strong reflection on the window there, and maybe we've got some sort of reflective tinting on it. Not worried about them breaking it, as it's double-glazed and strong enough to stand up to mild hailstorms.

But the noises are loud enough that the first day I experienced it, eating in one area of the break room while the crows were busy on a window in the kitchenette area, which is a separate room, I assumed it was workmen back there hammering something. :D
Bleach - Aizen and Gin dance!

Christmas Yoon! (Non-SEEKRIT-FILTER-LOCKED now!)

rachelmanija and I have for the past few days, as some of you know, been passing the virtual hat around yhlee's f-list to give her a Christmas present of funds for babysitting, and to arrange for a babysitter to give her some down time, and to help then look into childcare options. We've told her about all your generosity - and you were very generous indeed - and Rachel reports that she is touched. So we can go public now!

The total so far (including checks in the mail): $857.

Also Rachel is at their place tonight and is going to drive Yoon and her husband around to various appointments and car-dealer-lookings-at and things over the next couple of days.

(Anyone wants to contribute, you can email me - address on my LJ info page - for info.)
Near - que?


So, I am totally never admitting to reading Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, but now that I do not have volumes 16 and 17 under my belt, can someone please explain to me what the hell was going on? Especially with Syaoran? I'm now completely lost.