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a frog the size of texas

December 26th, 2007

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Note to self - tell rachel about podcast for pbr ideas

03:42 pm

Someone on Gaia Online hotlinking the Renji cover. Well, no longer hotlinking the Renji cover.

(Honestly, I think I'm offended that they shove them into spaces that don't match the proportions of the original, and not that they're hotlinking. It seems I don't care if it's on a journaling service, but I do care if it's on some sort of profile page. Huh.)

10:11 pm

After only two hours of swearing and frustration and a phone call to the boy* who stepped me through until we found some strange little thing that made no sense whatsoever wrong** and fixed it, I now have a wireless router set up, so I can sit on the couch or my bed and read email without piggybacking on my neighbor's connection. And mine's nicely passworded, so I can't return the favor. :D (plus, I surely do not want my neighbors running BitTorrent on it and getting my account shut down again.)

For Christmas I got a new computer. In potentia, at least: I got the money for it, so now I need to really decide which of the many options that were suggested to me I'm going to take. I'm still leaning towards building one, since that worked really well for me the first time.

I've already decided the important part, of course: what I'm going to name it. Since the slow-and-stupid workhorse laptop is Kenpachi and the iPod is Yachiru, when I needed to name the 2000 box, it was rugged and beat-up enough to become Madarame - god only knows why I chose that instead of his first name - therefore the shiny new pretty box is obviously going to be Yumichika. Or Ayasegawa, if I pick his last name. (And the network is the Gotei 13, while the workgroup is Division 11. Themed all the way.)


* Always date someone who used to work tech support. It saves time and money.

** Problems with DNS stuff. I have too much rage and adrenaline running through my system to actually understand what he explained to me about it, but it works now.

10:26 pm - In celebration, a meme!

This site is certified 26% EVIL by the Gematriculator

Damn. I was hoping for more.
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