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a frog the size of texas

December 28th, 2007

09:19 am


Only TWO MONTHS of me telling them that my bathroom ceiling leaks when the people above me take a shower, and they fix *some* leak up there, but it takes the ceiling starting to bulge with water running down from it and me brandishng photographs in their faces this morning for them to send someone immediately.

And the managers never told the maintenance guys it was when the people upstairs TOOK A SHOWER. So apparently they never, say TURNED THE SHOWER ON TO TEST. And I even told them I could hear water running inside the wall. AAARGH

It's not a large area at least, but GAAAAAAAAAHHHHH

cut for picsCollapse )

And there's a guy standing in my tub right now, from the sounds I think he's sawing out the part of the ceiling that's affected. There's certainly sawing and splashing involved.

ETA: The red splotches on the ceiling aren't there in real life. It's an artifact of the basic color correction Photoshop applied to the pics.

ETA2: My lease is up this spring, yes I'm moving, all I require is the ability to take showers until then.

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Oyceter: since you bounced off Sacks, try Ramachandran's 'Phantoms in the Brain.'
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