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a frog the size of texas

December 31st, 2007

12:39 am - Because I, y'know, fail at staying offline

Read for a while, then couldn't stay offline. Wasn't up to original work, but realized what I ought to do was do some tracing of Kubo Tite's work to get my hands used to drawing these characters.

So don't expect anything originalCollapse )

12:59 am

For context and why I'm inking over Bleach panels, see this previous post.

RukiaCollapse )

01:16 am

And now the Renji tracing. Context is here.

Read more...Collapse )

05:53 pm

Thanks to meganbmoore doing that "make a numbered list of characters then answer questions based on the numbers" meme here, I now have a new macro to torture you all with.

Click ... if you dare!Collapse )

In other news, am spending quiet New Year at home. Will go over to puppleball's place tomorrow, where she and youshou will be making dumplings. :)

08:24 pm - GAH - manga chapter layout analysis

I've just spent a huge chunk of the day ripping apart chapter 118 of Bleach in order to improve my understanding of page layout. I won't know how successful I've been until I sit down to do my own layout, but you may find it interesting. (Why that chapter? Because I had it on my hard drive, and it wasn't all fighting.)

It's up on Google Docs at this URL: http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=dgcxvp5k_9dfx4m77k

ETA: Aarg, dammit, didn't realize my inserted comments don't show up on the published version of the document, Hang on while I convert it to PDF or something that *does* show them... Back up! With actual visible comments this time!

If you have comments you want to make about the chapter and the layout and whatever on that document, email me and I'll send you an invitation that will allow you to edit it. :) Comments welcome here, too, but it'd be cool to have a collaborative document, I think.

And always remember KENPACHI LOVES YOU!

09:20 pm

If you zoomed past my previous LJ entry analyzing a chapter of Bleach while the link was down, it's back up now.
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