April 16th, 2008

Kenpachi - killing something?

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Apparently there's a broken heating element and they already turned the A/C on. I'm sure there's terribly complicated reasons for not being able to turn the A/C off, as there always is in large buildings, but GAAAAH
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Kenpachi - killing something?

(no subject)

You know what's really annoying about spam that uses words like "mesothelioma"? I can't drop that term into our spamtrap because it's not beyond the bounds of possibility that someone wants to ask us to help them research mesothelioma.

In a similar, but not identical, vein I can't drop another term that occurs in a lot of spam into the spamtrap because someone may need an analysis or something analytical.
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(throwing this open to the public right now because the results are too silly not to share, but the generator's less than half done. It'll be way more complex, and have ACTUAL GRAMMAR later on :D P.S. KENPACHI LOVES YOU!)

Obivously, still far from done, but at least the grammar is getting somewhat better.

Nikhil: Superficially, Nikhil seems morally ambiguous, but when thwarted, his inner sculptor is roused. He decides to proceed by disintegrating enemies. On the surface, Nikhil is palindromic, but when push comes to shove, his inner self surfaces. All he wants is to live by assuming a new identity.

Rikuto: He is sexy and spunky. He wants a family. The only thing last scion of a deposed monarchy Rikuto wants is material success, but fate keeps getting in the way. He looks like an ordinary pirate, but in reality he is a/an dog-demon.

Lisa: She is a/an crossdresser who secretly longs to be a/an mangaka. She lives for staying positive.

Carla: She is a/an housekeeper. She wants to find a sibling, but has so far been thwarted by fate. Superficially, Carla seems happy, but when thwarted, her inner student is roused. She is a/an middle manager who secretly longs to be a/an last scion of a deposed monarchy.

Masaru: He is oldest and disguised. Superficially, Masaru seems spacy, but when thwarted, his inner paleontologist is roused.

Kevin: Overenthusiastic Kevin always thought he would be a/an international Scrabble champion, but that was thwarted by a/an writer. His goal is not chocolate, but hope for the future. On the surface, Kevin is reticent, but when push comes to shove, his inner self surfaces. Because of working for the government, he feels he cannot hope for a kitten.

This one totally broke me:

Katerina: She is a/an trapeze artist who secretly longs to be a/an boxer. She is a/an pathologist. She decides to proceed by reading lots of shoujo manga.

Linus: Because of becoming a model, he feels he cannot hope for hope for the future. Peasant Linus once handled things by becoming President, which got him into his current predicament. He lives for starting a band. He is a/an baker who secretly longs to be a/an fake ninja.

ETA2: Poor Gabriel!!
Gabriel: He is a/an loser. He wants a kitten.

ETA3: And there's something refreshing about the simplicity of this one:
Jayla: She is a/an assassin. She is a/an librarian.

ETA4: Aaaaaaaand one last edit:
Tomasz: He looks like an ordinary teacher, but in reality he is a/an llama