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a frog the size of texas

January 1st, 2009

01:00 pm - Yuletide reveals!

Rushing out to lunch with myrialux now, but just before I go, I can now say that I wrote Three Jade Mice, in the Master Li/Number Ten Ox fandom, for stealthmuffin. My author notes aren't up at this time, and I have a lot as I always do and no time in which to post them at the moment, but I shall point out that the Peking Gazette existed, and still exists, and is the longest-running continuously published newspaper in the world, starting in the Tang Dynasty.

And I shall also say that I was a bit worried that the one female character in a speaking role I had was a bit of a shrieking harridan, but when I reflected that as a woman with no surviving male relatives at that time and in that place, she had every right to be worried about her future, I decided that she'd earned every shriek.
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