January 6th, 2009

Cat/Box OTP

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Am still somewhat sleep-deprived as Tiny Kitten thinks the most appropriate place to spend the night is ON MY FACE. Hey look! It's warm and makes funny noises! I'd put him him another room at night to keep him from developing bad habits, but there *is* no other place without seriously disrupting the other cat's groove - I'd have to move both her water* AND her litterbox. QUELLE HORREUR! So, the bedroom and a furry facehugger it is. (It's not *that* bad - he's getting the idea and only tried to put his paws all over my face last night.)

Sora had also developed a worrying sneeze starting Saturday - while kitten sneezes are darn cute, lots of them are worrying. He was showing no other signs of illness - food, water, litterbox habits and INSANE KITTEN ENERGY were all normal. I took him in to the vet's yesterday, where they found he had a slightly elevated temp, but no other symptoms. So he's diagnosed with either an upper respiratory tract infection or allergies. I've got an antibiotic to give him twice a day, which he luckily will consume with a wee bit of tuna.** I also have a bottle of children's Benadryl, which I have so far failed to give him - the vet calculated he could take .8 cc - because I'm just nervous giving cats medicines in general. The sneezes don't seem to be cramping his style***, so maybe I won't utilize the Benadryl.

Hopefully he's not allergic to feathers. I'd have to get rid of my pillows and his favorite toy. :( But he still sneezed at the vet's, with no feathers, so I assume it's the URI instead.

No introducing him to Nefer, even though he tends to be very fast and escape the bedroom when I'm going in or out - until he's no longer sneezing. No way could I get medicine into her. I'd have to take her in to get a shot or something instead.

* Which she has trained me to keep on the bathroom counter. I'm not entirely sure how it happened, but she is a cat of deviousness and subtlety at times.

** More bad habits. He's going to have high expectations of me.

*** Cramping mine, of course, as he tens to be sitting on my chest and facing in the general direction of my face at night when he sneezes. Ick.