January 9th, 2009

gojyo screw you // yomigaere

And the latest feminist rage storming my f-list...

...apparently us girls who like movies with explosions and superheroes do so only because we've been conditioned to think that movies that appeal to boys are superior, and we don't need any more female superheroes.

Responses, which I'm linking here so I can read all the comments later:


P.S. Last two movies I saw in a theatre? Hellboy 2 and The Spirit. Last movies I saw at home? Iron Man and Get Smart. Current favorite TV shows? Mythbusters, Dirty Jobs, and Top Gear. CLEARLY I AM BRAINWASHED A BOY.
Naruto - chibi dattebayo!

Random things

--Am attempting to stay awake at work. Had migraine this morning (at doctor's office! hah!), took Relpax, it finally went away after lunch, but between the Relpax and kitten-induced insomnia, can barely stay awake.

--At doctor's office Collapse )

--Introduced the cats officially last night because I got tired of Sora's increased sneakiness at being able to escape the bedroom every chance he gets. They had a few confrontations which appear to all be domination contests - Nefer stops attacking after she whacks him down so his belly's exposed. He's still not really accepting that his lot in life is to be second banana yet, so he tends to puff up, arch his back, and hiss at her in a really cute show of rage and SEE WHAT A BIG CAT I AM?!

--I realized last night, after cooing "You're such a sterotypical boy!" at Sora that it's not that he's a such a boy, it's that he's so shounen. All he wants to do is FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT the feather-thing, when he's beaten up (or falls off the bed) he bounds right back up with I'M NOT HURT AT ALL WATCH ME LEVEL UP!, and when he gets tired, he snuggles up on my boobs for about 3 seconds, then leaps up to fight again.

--Had a dream last night that I was driving along a highway and came upon an accident. I got out of my car, found the driver of one of the cars lying on the ground, asked if he was hurt, then told him I was going to sit there and hold his head steady until the paramedics got there in case he'd injured his neck. And then Sora pounced on me and woke me up. Guess I've been reading too many EMT blogs. :)