January 11th, 2009

Cat/Box OTP

Sleepy Kitty

The cats are slowly starting to sort things out. What basically happens now is that Sora runs around and plays and attacks Nefer and gets into everything and drives us both absolutely nuts until Nefer snaps and Collapse )

And more video! The video's a two-parter. The second half with Sora climbing up into the camera's lens is pretty much what I wake up to at night, with his I WANT TO SLEEP ON YOUR FACE LET ME SLEEP ON YOUR FACE.

*Jedi hand wave* You do not see the mess on the desk. There is no mess on the desk.

You can hear him purring, especially in the second half. :D

Cat - I EET YOU!


...Or maybe not.

(Sorry about the camera shake - I was zoomed in and it exaggerates the shaking of my hands.)

ETA: Sora is now on the chair enjoying the sunshine and Nefer is curled up on her bed enjoying her heating pad. XD
Cats - Sora and Nefer

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Do me a favor and click on the banner below? It takes you to my MangaBullet page and does nothing else.* I think. I'm not entirely sure if the Top Recruiters list they have is currently counting visits or people who make MB accounts after clicking through someone's banner.

* Mind you, if you want to make your own MangaBullet page and do so after clicking through, I possibly get prizes.

ETA: Yup, the Top Recruiters List currently shows all click-throughs and not just those who make accounts, as I jumped to the top within about ten minutes. Keep a-clickin'! XD