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a frog the size of texas

January 12th, 2009

01:17 pm

I posted last month about Thaumatrope, the new Twitter-based SF mag*. Launching on the 14th is a new Twitter-based mag, Outshine, for optimistic near-future prose poems. Submission guidelines here, paid market ($5/poem).

* Which, incidentally, led to octopedingenue's first fiction sale! :)

09:22 pm

I have Furminated my cat, and she loves it. I pulled enough hair to make another Sora out of her coat, and she purred the whole time. That was only from her back and one side, too - she was lying down and while she rolled over to let me comb her belly, she just didn't get the idea that maybe the other side would be good, also.

She throws up so much that I figure any hair that doesn't go down her throat is Good.
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