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a frog the size of texas

January 15th, 2009

09:18 am

Via blissfish, Playmobil does it again.

Read the Amazon reviews.

10:46 pm - Aaaaaart

A little bit farther on in the picture, no thinks to the kitten (click the 'advanced painter techniques' tag to see the previous versions; I'm too lazy to link).

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11:06 pm - The kitten has something to say


11:25 pm

Nefer just immobilized Sora by sitting on him, then proceeded to groom as many bits of him as she could reach. He kept trying to bite her, but she'd managed to limit his mobility enough that he could only helplessly gnaw on her hind foot.

Two weeks from first bringing him home to full-contact offensive grooming. Not bad, I say.
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