January 22nd, 2009

Seimei - I can kill you with my brain

Non-Western steampunk images

Over on the Tor blogs, Irene Gallo posted about the CGArtists' forum current contest - Steampunk Myths and Legends. There are lots of Greek and roman legends illustrated, as well as the Norse pantheon, the Tooth Fairy, and several versions of Don Quixote and the Flying Dutchman. When I ran across a steampunk version of Hanuman, however, I remembered oyceter once mentioning that she liked steampunk, but it tended to be so Western-centric she felt a bit left out.

So I went through a lot of pages and pulled out entries dealing with non-Western European myths and legends, listed below, placed with no judgment as to style or how good they are. :D I've only gone through some of them - there are over 1900 entries right now, and may be more coming as the contest is not yet ended. If anyone else wants to take up the gauntlet, please do.

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