January 23rd, 2009

Cats - Sora and Nefer

More Avatar movie casting fail

kyuuketsukirui points out a casting call for extras for the upcoming Avatar movie to play martial artists, soldiers, etc. Which says, in part:
You're asked to dress casually or in the traditional costume of your family's ethnic background.
To which kyuuketsukirui replies:
And I love the weasel-wording of this casting call. They don't ever say they're looking for people of color for these roles, but when they say you should dress in "the traditional costume of your family's ethnic background", they sure don't mean kilts and lederhosen.
And now my brain is irresistibly filled with images of extras showing up wearing kilts, lederhosen, wooden shoes, Morris-dancing gear, cowboy hats and boots, dirndls, peplos, and berets.
Cats - Sora and Nefer


The course of antibiotics that Sora was on is now over. Naturally, since I was giving them to him mixed into a bit of canned cat food (started with tuna, switched to cat food to make sure he was getting enough nutrition), in the morning and evening he follows me into the kitchen and says "Excuse me! You forgot to feed the kitten!"

Luckily, he has no attention span whatsoever, so it's really "You forgot to feed the ---- ooooh, twist tie!"
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You wanna know what balls are?

I posted a DA journal entry asking for people who were open for commissions to list their names so I could pimp them out on the journal. The girl who stiffed me $20 on a commission actually replied to the entry.

Now that's balls.

(Don't go dogpile her or anything, because I don't want to engage in any behavior that might get *me* kicked off DA. I just periodically drop her a very polite comment reminding her of the $20 and warn anyone I see her asking commissions from to get payment up front.)

ETA: Ah. I seem to have engaged her in a few rounds now. It's not like I'd expected her to pay me the $20, but I suspect there's almost no chance I'll get it now. XD
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Caffeine withdrawal can cause headaches in non-migraineurs as well, but that is distinct from a caffeine-withdrawal triggered migraine.


Sorry, a few weeks ago I had someone in a focus study I was involved in tell me in an exceedingly superior manner that my caffeine-withdrawal-induced migraines weren't migraines at all. I bit my tongue and replied politely, because to flame him would have resulted in me being thrown off the study's forum but DEAR GOD YOU DO NOT TELL A MIGRAINEUR THAT HER MIGRAINE IS NOT A MIGRAINE.

The line I quoted above is from Novella's latest post in his skeptic-related blog, NeuroLogica, which concerns a study showing that sham acupuncture works just about as well as real acupuncture when it comes to migraines.
Cats - Sora and Nefer

Art ref!

There's a fashion illustration textbook about drawing which contains a DVD with demos of drawing and coloring fashion illustrations, which are posted here at YouTube.

I found them through a design site that linked to them, and watched the Anime Influence ones (second page, bottom row), which show how the artist colors an illustration with strong lighting contrasts in the color loosely based on cel shading. It's a multimedia piece for which she uses Copic and Prisma markers, Prisma colored pencils, Micron pens, a milky gel pen, white goache, and something on a Q-tip to color in a soft base (might be Copic ink? She uses markers to add shadows to it, so it's probably not a pastel-type medium*). Interesting.

(The outfit? Hideous. The coloring? Nice. XD)

* Aha! The skin tones tutorial starts off with her doing the same thing, and you can see her touching the Q-tip to her Copic marker to gather the color! I must try that!
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Aargh, I want to do some drawing* but have absolutely no idea what to draw.

* What I really want to do is make kanzashi, but I have learned from hard experience I can't do that while Sora is up and active, like he is in the evening. I have to wait for the afternoon, when he's napping, so it'll be Sunday before I can work on them.
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Am listening to the audiobook version of Click: What Millions of People Are Doing Online and Why it Matters by Bill Tancer, who researches search engine traffic for a living.

Interesting facts so far:

-- In the category of "Well, duh!" searches for porn sites go up in cold-weather states during the winter.

-- Porn site popularity has actually gone down a bit as social networking site use has gone up. And during the two days in 2006 when the datacenter that hosted Myspace (and, ISTR, Livejournal) had a power outage, the three sites that saw traffic go up for the duration were Google, online dating sites, and porn sites.