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a frog the size of texas

January 28th, 2009

11:35 am

the_z gives us Katara and Mai cheesecake. (PG-13, mildly NSFW.)

12:59 pm - Big words = pretentious!

So I was looking up S. P. Somtow/Somtow Sucharitkul on Amazon.com to see what I could recommend to meganbmoore on her 50 books by PoC post. When perusing the reviews for his The Crow tie-in novel (because I read it, although I don't remember anything about it), I came across a less-than-flattering review by someone who didn't like the chaotic/confusing feel of the book. This excerpt really torqued me, however:
But the main thing that really annoyed me about this book is the author's use of big words like 'obsequiousness,' 'superannuated,' and other literary gems of pretention that I'm willing to bet did not come from his personal vocabulary . . . especially since English isn't even his native tongue. The author needs to learn that knowing how to use a Thesaurus doesn't make you a better writer.
Hey! Apparently you're not allowed to use big words if you don't speak English as your native language!

I think the reviewer was a bit miffed that someone dared put prose and plot that makes you think and doesn't draw conclusions for you into his comic tie-in novel.

And now I really want to reread the book. Amazon affiliate link: Crow, The: Temple of Night (Crow)
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