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a frog the size of texas

February 3rd, 2009

09:48 am - A slight expansion...

...on my previous post:

I'm taking a moment here to squee about the DVD tutorial I bought from Daniel Hammonds. He's a digital painter in the UK, and this video here is a speeded-up demo of a painting he did in Photoshop. The DVD tutorial contains the whole thing in real time, plus full commentary. I'm about halfway through watching it right now and can't wait to try the techniques. :)

And what he does is something I like - instead of copying the photo directly, he takes it and changes it a bit, emphasizing some aspects and changing the mood.

His site is here. You can buy the DVD directly, or pay a chunk less for the downloaded version, if you've got a fat pipe and can download 3 zip files that equal a bit over 3 gigs of data. The exchange rate is in my favor right now - I paid a little over $10 for the download, and consider it a bargain for what I'm learning.

10:42 am - Cat stories

*dies laughing*

When I was a kid, we had two cats. Vermont brought home her first bird, not dead, which we rescued, and then afterwards praised the cat for being a mighty hunter.

The day after that, Dakota, the other cat, brought home a piece of fried chicken.
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